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Summer is well under way and the earth reached its hottest and highest temperatures ever recorded for four days in a row. When trudging through the summer heat, makeup can feel like it’s melting off your face, but it shouldn’t be.

You can have natural, gorgeous looking makeup that is simple to apply, lightweight, and looks great all day regardless of the heat. 

Belinda Salazar (follow her on Insta here) is a makeup artist, makeup educator and consultant for beauty brands around the U.S. with over a decade of experience creating gorgeous makeup for clients using clean beauty products.  She is also the operations director and makeup educator at Authentic Beauty and for our cosmetics line, Genuist Beauty. In this makeup tutorial, Belinda has created a simple, no fuss, gorgeous, natural-looking summer makeup look that will have you looking beautiful and ready to go in 10 minutes or less regardless of the summer heat. 

Check out the blog HERE, or shop the tutorial below.