Genuist Beauty Roller Brow Defining Pen


  • Genuist Beauty Roller Brow Defining Pen
  • Genuist Beauty Roller Brow Defining Pen

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What is the Roller Brow Defining Pen 

Genuist Beauty’s Roller Brow Defining Pen ($35) has an innovative, ceramic ball tip that delivers a natural brow stain, and fills in gaps and imbalances in the brow area with ease. This easy to use and easy to apply brow pen delivers gorgeous brow fill color to the areas of the brow that need it the most while you are going through Alyson’s award-winning Brow Rehab process. The Roller Brow Defining Pen is for anyone who needs an easy, quick, lightly pigmented, long-lasting, and waterproof brow stain color that fills in brow gaps in an instant. 

Like a ballpoint pen, the Roller Brow Defining Pen deposits liquid brow color that is precise. Most brow pens, pencils, eyebrow pomades, and powders leave harsh, stark lines and can look severe and unnatural. The Roller Brow Defining Pen’s design with a ceramic ball tip means the color is deposited onto your brows easily and you can blend the brow stain color into your brows that looks natural and doesn’t wipe off when you blend it. If you want your brows to look beautiful and balanced, the Roller Brow Defining Pen with the precision ceramic ball roller is blendable, workable, and easy to blend out.  

What Colors Does It Come In

The ball rotates to dispense the right amount of liquid brow fill product using a skin-safe ceramic ball and stain made of natural ingredients to ensure no irritation. With the optimal ball point tip, it allows for better drawing and application with a smooth rolling sensation. It also comes with a built-in spoolie brush so that you can easily blend your brow fill color into your eyebrows to achieve natural-looking eyebrows with 4 color options to choose from. The brow fill colors include 4 fabulous shades including taupe, warm medium brown, a neutral dark brown, and a cool black brown. Most blondes will use taupe that has a sheer wash of neutral blond that is lightly pigmented, and works great on warm tones, cool tones and ashy tones too.

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