Genuist Beauty Tiny Liner: Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen


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Genuist Beauty’s Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen ($32) produces a clean, slim line to the lash line with superior precision, perfect for anyone with thin skin, shaky hands, eyeliner anxiety and for everyone in between who wants the easiest to apply eyeliner on the market. 

Water, sweat, and sebum-proof with no smudging, our eyeliner is all-day proof and comes with a 6 mm brush that is 20 times slimmer than a regular 10 mm eyeliner brush. With a firm and flexible brush that does not separate, it is easy to control, and enables deep coloring with carbon black dispersion stabilization. 

What is the Tiny Liner- Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Say goodbye to thick and messy eyeliners that end up in all the wrong places. With a lash tip that is thinner than an eyelash, Genuist Beauty’s Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner pen is a liquid eyeliner with superior workability that allows you to blend out this eyeliner with ease. The brush of the pen makes a thin, fine line that is easy for anyone to apply thanks to the innovative brush and liquid formula that sets in seconds, yet beautifully blends! 

Who the Tiny Liner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen is for

This is the perfect eyeliner for anyone looking for easy to use and easy to apply eyeliner and for anyone with hooded eyes, more mature eyes, eyes with looser skin and for smaller eyes. This dynamic duo eyeliner formula with an ultrafine tip will also help people with eyeliner anxiety and the fear of making a mistake with liquid eyeliner.

Once applied, you have 5 seconds of play time to blend to your heart’s content before the eyeliner dries down and sets. It doesn’t crease and stays in place beautifully. 

This is also the best liquid eyeliner pen for anyone who has had eyeliner challenges in the past including applying eyeliner to the lashline. Our eyeliner does not transfer to the eyelid because it blends, then dries and sets for all-day wear. If you aren’t a makeup wearer, and don’t want to look like you have eyeliner on, it defines the eye, but it is not detectable.  

How to apply the TinyLiner Ultrafine Blendable Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Shake the pen before applying. Pulling the eyelid taut, start at the outside corner of the eye and aim the brush of the pen closest to the eyelash as possible with a light, gentle touch. Proceed to draw short strokes from the outer portion of the eye, inching towards the inner corner of the eye. Shorter strokes will reduce eyeliner mistakes. If you make a mistake such as creating a bumpy eyeliner look, take an eyeliner smudge brush or an ultrafine liner brush (sold separately) and blend out any inconsistencies in the line. (We recommend the Detail Mini Chisel Fluff Brush or the BOM-48 Smudger Brush).

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