Blinc lash primer in black


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Create a deep, true black color by using this lash primer.

Having a good base is the key to creating lashes that look full, voluminous and healthy. blinc Lash Primer – Black helps build a strong and healthy base that makes your lashes appear even more dramatic when you apply mascara. The black tint creates an intense color that instantly adds drama to any look. The formula contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients that defend against free radicals and prevent breakage and lash loss. Applying this primer before your mascara will create a more voluminous and fuller appearance without causing clumping. The silicone wand separates lashes to create a fanned-out and flirty look. Unlike many white lash primers, you won’t have to apply multiple layers of mascara to hide a white tint. 

  • Vitamins nourish and hydrate lashes 
  • Vitamin E defends against free radicals 
  • Adds length and volume to lashes 

Use blinc Lash Primer – Black before your favorite mascara for added drama. 

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