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 Get Lippy! utilizes a natural, patented tripeptide, Maxi-Lip™, to volumize, plump, hydrate, smooth fine surface lines and improve lip contours.  Get Lippy! plumps and moisturizes the lips by stimulating collagen production in the connective tissues. Get Lippy! is a gentle, sheer hypoallergenic restorative lip treatment. It is a proven, natural alternative to collagen injections. Get Lippy! begins restructuring and moisturizing the collagen in the lips within 24 hours of the first application. In the clinical study, women applied the patented peptide 3 times daily for 29 days. Their results were as follows:


  • 40% increase in lip volume
  • 60% improvement in lip hydration
  • 70% increase in lip softness
  • 100% improvement in lip condition
  • 29% reduction in surface folds and creases


Net Wt. .28 oz / 8g